A Pakistani girl’s sexual crusade

“Don’t use stones to hit me”, she pleads to him. The muscled rough and scarred man, with heavy arms and toned chest, doesn’t seem to heed to her earnest request. He pulls out a whip to spank her on her butt, until it turns red and bears the sharp whip marks. The pain inflicted to her aroses the man and then follows, moans of pleasure and sighs of relief by the women, and release of desperation by the man. Earlier, the woman had sneaked out of her conservative husband’s house with his car keys to have fun with her girl friends that enraged him.

Nadia Ali Pakistani Muslim Porn Star
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That is the scene from an controversial adult film titled “Women of the middle east”, with a tag line “They may look suppressed, but given an opportunity to express themselves freely, their wild, uncontrolled natural sexuality is released.The women in the movie is played by 24 year old first generation Pakistani American porn-star NADIA ALI, a practicing Muslim, who is not shy to challenge the religious boundaries of her faith.

Nadia believes that women in the oppressed Islamic societies like Pakistan need to be liberated sexually, they should be given more freedom to express themselves which can bring a positive change in the Islamic world. She wants to be the voice of the millions of Muslim women who are fed-up with the double standards of the male dominated, ultra conservative Islamic societies, and she thinks that her positive movement is a small step towards achieving this greater goal.

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