And they paraded bare chest for their rights!

On Sunday Aug. 28, 2016, GoTopless, a women’s equal rights organization called people in cities around the world to stand up for women’s right and to go topless in public. The GoTopless pride parade was held in many US cities like New York and LA, and some other cities where it is legal in USA. It was also supported by some other cities/countries around the world. Some states in USA do not permit topless display in public.

Go topless New York Aug 28 2016
Activists hold posters as they take part in the GoTopless Pride Parade on August 28, 2016 in New York. Women around the US are going topless in celebration of GoTopless Day, focused on promoting gender equality and women’s rights to bare their breasts in public. Photo: KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images

The activists of the organization “gotopless” believe in the philosophy that “”As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests” Rael, founder of and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement (”

Check out how the women fighting for the right to go topless celebrated the goTopless day on Sunday 28th Aug 

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Check out pictures of the GoTopless from last year 2015 here >> GoTopless Day Aug 2015

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