Foreign models who made India their home

Effect of Globalization clearly visible in BOLLYWOOD film industry as babes across the globe flock to try their fortune in Indian film industry and guess what? Many of these foreign babes actually make a real big fortune too. From Sri Lankan Jaqueline Fernandez to the British Amy Jackson, all of these hotties made India their home owing to their tremendous success in India. And none of these babes have a tint of Indian ancestry in them. Truly, India is ever welcoming to guest, and that is why we nurture the tradition of “ATHEETHI DEVO BHAVA” – meaning “Guest if god” and without doubt, we have invited lot of beauty goddesses from across the globe.

Many Indian fans will be stunned with shock when they come to know that the fluent speaking, cute babe and darling of Bollywood is actually not Indian. Katrina is British by nationality, but that hasn’t stopped her from mesmerizing everyone in India. Lovingly called Barbie doll of Bollywood, this sexy actress is among the most loved among Bollywood fans.
Katrina Kaif hot Katrina Kaif hot (Click to enlarge image)

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