Hottest fitness expert of India

There was a time when she was an overweight teenager, but today she is a stunning, hot, sexy and most sought after fitness expert in India. SAPNA VYAS PATEL is an example of the saying “Nothing is impossible if you will”

When she was overweight, she blamed her genes for it, and all those taunts on her fatness never motivated her to get in shape. But when she realized that being overweight was causing her damage, not just physically but also mentally, she decided to shed all those fats, get in shape and set an example. The inspiration came one day when she felt too disheartened looking at herself and feeling too old for her age, too shabby and buldgy to give anyone an impression that she looked a mother of two, when she was only 19. That day she decided to transform herself and what you see today is a super hot, super sexy SAPNA VYAS PATEL. And she never looked back since then. You will not believe your eyes if you see what she looked before and what she is now.

Sapna Vyas Patel before and after
Sapna Vyas Patel before and after

Building curves means building muscles. In my experience, here's what works: 💪Focus on heavy compound lifts – compound meaning exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once like deadlift, squat, Thusters, Clean and jerks. 💪 Eat enough – while protein will be most important, you need carbs go dil training. Without the energy from carbs, you will not be able to perform at a high enough intensity go motivate your body to change. 💪 Limit long cardio sessions – this sort of exercise creates a flatter look vs the full and curvy look we're aiming for with weights. If you're into fitness, whether it's going to the gym, body building, running, walking, yoga, dancing, biking, or even hiking, then the StayWow community is the place for you! Download the StayWow app and join the Fitness Social Network. It's free! #SapnaVyasPatel #StayWow #instadaily #picoftheday #postoftheday #lookoftheday #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #instamood #igdaily #instafamous #motivation #iger #instadiva #instaworld #instashare #fit #hot #strong #fitness #superwoman #workout #instafamous

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