Jabra fan of Taapsee Pannu

If you thought  Shah Rukh Khan playing JABRA fan pining for a star’s hug was a stretch, TAAPSEE PANNU will tell you a whole new story. Her fan, a youngster whose first name is identified as Prakash, dodged her body guards and barged into a restaurant to meet her.

Tapasee Pannu Hot
Tapasee Pannu Hot

He first connected with her on social media. Prakash knows her schedules better than her assistants and turns up at her shoots and promotions unfailingly. So far, he has been harmless, but the last few times were unnerving for the actress. A source said, “Few know TAAPSEE’s schedule; it is strange how Prakash learns of it. She has asked her staff to be cautious and not let out information of her whereabouts.”

Tapasee Pannu Hot
Tapasee Pannu Hot

TAAPSEE, told reporters, “As artistes, we love being loved. But there is a thin line between making us feel special and wary. When this guy breached security to meet me in the VIP arena at a venue, I was shocked. It was also a cue for me to have my ante up. Living under the limelight is great until you meet someone who is crossing boundaries. When he barged in to see me, I was alarmed. I didn’t file a complaint because he hasn’t tried to harm me in any way. If this happens again, I will report him as a potential threat.”

Courtsey : This story originally appeared in Mid-day news paper

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