Ramayan serial maker’s grand daughter’s sensation on internet

Many Bollywood star kids have created sensation on social media with their bold pictures. These include, Amitabh Bachchan’s grand daughter Navya Nanda, Pooja Bedi’s grand daughter Aali Ebrahim which we already shared with our readers before.

Now, another star kid is causing sensation on the social media .

This time it is the grand daughter of the producer of the popular TV series Ramayan of the early 90s. Yes, we are talking about grand daughter of veteran producer Ramanand Sagar.

Sakshi Chopra, the grand daughter of Ramanand Sagar is buring the social media with her extremely hot pictures. Sakshi is 19 year old

Sakshi has put behind all the star kids with her hotness

Sakshi is studying in Trinity school of London

Sakshi is the daughter of Producer Meenakshi Sagar(mother) and Moti Sagar( father)

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