Sunny Leone’s short story

SUNNY LEONE is a popular actress today, although she was a ordinary girl at one time.  Sunny believes that the tag of “PORNSTAR” will never live her life. However, it was her personal choice to enter the porn industry. When she first expressed her wish to work in porn industry , her parents were shocked.

In an interview, Sunny confesses that she always looked the porn industry from a business perspective. She says “She joined the porn industry against the wish of her parents. She looked at it as a business when she agreed to pose for Penthouse , the adult magazine, for a whooping sum of $100,000”. When she revealed this to her parents, they were upset beyond imagination, however she slowly convinced them that this was her personal choice and she wants to do what she likes with her life. Coming from a conservative Sikh family, this decision was tough not only for her but even for her parents.

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