This is why the movie is named PINK

AMITABH BACHCHAN AND TAPSEE PANNU starer movie “PINK” has been liked by Bollywood cinema enthusiasts a lot. This is not just a court room drama, but it is something that everyone should follow in real life and talk openly about gender equality. Most of the viewers who have watched this movie have come out of the cinema hall with satisfaction. The color PINK tells a lot and so does there are lot of things that the movie tells. But one thing that not many movie goers have asked is “Why is the name of the movie PINK”. In the west, the color PINK is often symbolized as being feminine and associated with girls and women. However, the movie PINK signifies something more that that.

TAPSEE PANNU the star of the movie PINK
TAPSEE PANNU the star of the movie PINK (Click to enlarge)

That is why the name PINK

When Film producer SUJIT SIRCAR was asked why he chose to name the movie PINK, he said “When people will watch the movie, they will know the reasoning behind PINK”. He added “The movie intends to highlight the character of men and women through words. The name of the movie PINK is hidden in the context of the film. The film makers have intentionally not revealed the meaning of the color PINK in the movie, so that viewers should watch the movie and understand the context and find the meaning of the name PINK.”

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